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certified,insured,professional,calmer dog Hooker's Hounds              
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  • HHH
  • We'll keep your baby happy while you're away
  • They'll hardly miss you
...Until you get Home!
  • Daily group walks on SF's doggiest beaches and trails
  • Private walks not every wonder-dog is right for a playgroup. They  still need the walks(Home visit rates)  
  • Pet sitting in the comfort of home
  • Home visits Puppy/Potty breaks/PostOp & special needs
  • Daycare Alternative     pup goes with us on 2-3 consecutive group walks, is picked up and delivered, sees beaches and trails, not walls.  
  • Licensed, insured and certified ...Peace of mind
  • Better canine citizens               
You'll see it lots of places, and that's because it's true: "A tired dog is a happy dog" If you've got a pooch that's bouncing off the walls by the time you can get home to him, there's a good chance that he just needs to be run out. That's not always a small job, considering the high energy level of some dogs, but we're up to it. As a matter of fact, those are the dogs we're looking for. They're a lot of work, but they're also a lot of fun. We specialize in medium to large, high energy, ACTIVE dogs. We take them to the best dog exercise places in San Francisco, and we run them, play their favorite games, and bring them home tired. Off-leash exercise isn't right for every dog, but It's the best way to run em down. If your dog has turned into a handful, give us a call for a free meeting and first walk.

At HHH, we don't have perfect teeth, great abs, a glitzy site, or much else that doesn't help us show your dog the time of his life day after day. What's the point?
What we do have is:
  • A spacious van, with plenty of room, and constant contact and communication with the dogs both while on the road and while we walk
  • A barricade between us and them for safety's sake, and the ability to carry as many as two dogs separated from the rest of the pack
  • Balls, leashes,harnesses, muzzles and the like
  • A first aid kit and CPR certification
  • Wholesome treats, fresh water, and a lifelong love of dogs and having fun with them
  • A few years under our belt