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Rates and Services & Reviews

  • ½ hour cat or dog visit              $35.00
  • 45 minute cat or dog visit         $40.00
  • 1 hour cat or dog visit               $50.00
  • Boarding(for our walking clients)                      $65.00/night  (Includes includes 1 group walk, and multiple pottybreak walks)
  • Group Walks:
  • 1 hr play group (trip to Ft.Funston)                                         $27.00/day (2 day minimum)
  • (all groups are a minimum of 1 hour at Ft.Funston, unless it is closed or unsafe. next choice is McLaren Park)                                       5 days a week -          $25.00/day                                                     
  •                                         Extra dog in same household -          $23.00 2nd dog, same household
* Daycare alternative(2-3 successive group walks (pick up and delivery included) $40.00/day *
  • Service Area
  • South Central and Southwest San Francisco, from the Excelsior out to the beach
  • Daly City
  • Wider service area for pet sitting
  • If we can fit you in we will, even if you aren't in the above check with us.
Nothing is carved in stone, but here's our basic service area in picture form (the list of neighborhoods is dizzying, we know).

                            Some 5 Star Reviews From Our friends on Yelp* Hooker's Happy Hounds                 

Yelp doesn't seem to think some of our reviews are real or something
. I guess because Our very satisfied clients
have better things to do than write reviews for countless things. Nevertheless, these are all real reviews, from real clients.
They are just not by folks that write thousands of yelp reviews. That counter should say fifteen 5 star reviews

    • 1/11/13
      HHH are fantastic! Really as good as it gets. I have a dog that is very nervous around new people and does not get along with everyone. Steve and Annie were so great and patient with him that now he is so excited to have them around. They are both so helpful and straightforward and so easy to deal with. My dog always comes home happy from a walk or when I'm out of town and they watch him. I am very happy with their service. If you are in their area take my advice and use their service you will not regret, they are the best!

    • 7/31/2012

      I can't recommend Steve and Hooker's Hounds highly enough. He is, without a doubt, our dog's favorite person in the entire world. He walks our very high-energy dog 5 days a week and brings him home blissful and exhausted. He has also provided pet and house sitting services for us on several occasions and we've always come home to a clean house and happy, relaxed dogs.

      I'd give him a 6 star rating if it was an option!

    • 10/3/2011
      My boy Duke is very protective of me and our home, so not sure how having a dog walker was going to work out.  Steve charmed Duke from day one and now when he comes to the door Duke gets very excited.  Even better, when he gets home he is tired!  Thanks Steve - the Ft Funston trips are just what our active guy needs.

    • 7/26/2011
      Steve has walked our dogs in his group walks and he has walked my puppy on single walks.  He is one of the most caring dog walker I have every met!  He is picky about who he walks and he works hard to teach good behavior.  You should know your pup and your home are in good hands with Steve!

    • 7/17/2011
      Hooker's Hounds is a wonderful service.  They have not only cared for my baby, but have helped train and socialize her.  I am so thankful to have their help.

    • 7/7/2011
      Our dog is healthier and happier thanks to Hooker's Hounds. Charlie has lost weight, and comes home tired and happy after long outings with Steve. Steve is trustworthy and responsible, you can be sure your pet is in great hands.

    •  7/4/2011
      Steve has been walking our puppy ever since we moved to the Glen Park area -- for about 7 months now.  Ever since we met Steve (he does a consultation visit to meet your dog before he takes him/her on group walks) we knew Shelby would be in good hands.  Steve is an avid dog-lover, and it is reflected in the way he runs his business and how he interacts with each individual dog.
      We pay for Steve to take our puppy on group walks 4 - 5 times a week. He drives around in his van to pick up all the dogs in his care, then takes them to some wonderful dog friendly area like Fort Funston.  Shelby is gone for a good portion of the day, and he usually comes home a little bit sandy and very, very tired.  Our pup definitely needs a lot of exercise so  his group outings with Steve are a perfect way for him to spend the day when we're at work.  

      Fair prices, and if I could add an extra star for Steve teaching Shelby a new trick ("high five") I would!  Highly, highly recommend Hooker's Hounds to anyone who wants to find reliable dog care.  
      *** Also:  extra plus for the facebook page
      where Steve posts pictures of his daytime adventures with his group.  He adds funny comments about the pictures he takes and it's always fun to check and see what mischief your dog and his doggie friends are up to while you're at work!

    • 12/12/2010
      I agree with all of the praise here for Steve. Baba seemed to fall in love with him at first sig
      ht and it was confirmed that Steve is his leader when we ran into him with his pack at Fort Funston. Baba heard his voice and of course freaked out with happiness but also couldn't even decide who to follow! He kept turning back to go with Steve : )

    • Steve is great.  He's friendly, professional, reliable, and most of all, he loves dogs.
      My Murphy is a nervous dog, and Steve got that right away and spent the time it took to earn Murphy's trust.  Murphy adores him now.  I have also used Steve's pet sitting and private walk options when I have left town, and it's great knowing that I'll come back to a happy, healthy pooch.  I wish I could give him 10 stars.
    • I can't recommend Steve Hooker's Happy Hounds dog walking service highly enough. Our newly-adopted puppy fell in love with him at first sight - we even got a little jealous about how excited she got when he comes around! We got over that... We're so happy to have found a dog walker who obviously loves and knows dogs so well, and who is so responsible and caring. We give Hooker's Happy Hounds two paws up!!! You and your dog will too!
      Steve also does pet sitting, in case you're looking for someone to keep your pup company while you're away. Give him a call - you'll be so glad you did, and so will your dog! Thank you, Steve!!

    • I had the pleasure of meeting Steve while I was house-sitting for my friends.  He really got to know the dogs and spent quite a bit of quality time with them (even took them to the beach!)  I was quite impressed and no friendlier a person could there be!  Bravo to Hooker's Happy Hounds!

    • My dogs- Nestor and Mundi- LOVE Steve Hooker. I find him sweet, reliable, helpful and flexible. I'm glad I found him and you will be, too.

    • My dogs really like Steve, and he took great care of them while I was away. I have had bad experiences with unreliable dog-sitters in the past, so I was delighted to find someone who was reliable, a good communicator and - best of all - a dog person first and foremost. Highly recommended!

    • Steve is the best!  My dog absolutely loves him.  He does an excellent job of exercising her.  HHH doesn't just take your dog to the local dog park or even just around the neighborhood.  While I am busy at work, my dog is out in her playgroup exploring McLaren Park, Fort Funston, or some other city jewel.  It is the best feeling to come home to a happy, tired, exercised dog.  Most importantly, Steve is kind, reliable, and loves dogs.  He is flexible and respectful of our dogs needs.  You can't go wrong with HHH.

    • Steve has always done a fantastic job taking care of our 5 year old Doberman. We are so grateful for all he has done for us. Steve really has gone above and beyond for us. Steve is trustworthy and caring. Thanks Steve for being so great!!